Issue: Run out of Egnyte Licenses


Egnyte licenses have run out.


Limited number of licenses active at any one time. There is a theoretical maximum limit of 55 licenses, which can be increased to 60 in groups of 5. Past this limit you'll need to speak to Egnyte Sales Support to add more to the pool.


First, check there's no-one can be deleted from system with relevant HR staff member

* Get them to issue a Employee Termination Form via Zendesk

* Back up Egnyte to Archive folder

* Back up email

* Mark AD user to be deleted in 3 months, plus backup status of Egnyte & Email

If no licenses available

Get authorization from relevant Finance Staff Member as new licenses incur additional charges.

* Log into Egnyte with Tech User

* Click Menu, top right > Settings

* Click Plan Details tab

* Increase number of Addional Power Users (groups of 5)

* Click SAVE

If no licenses available from those issued by Egnyte

* Contact Egnyte Sales Support and have them add additional licenses to the pool.

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