Your computer setup

Your computer will be an Apple Mac or Windows PC. 

Here are some things to note.

Logging in

You'll be able to log in using a username based on your own name, and password provided by the organisation. 

Organisation Share Drive

Your computer has access to a Shared Drive. This is sometimes referred to as the "Egnyte" drive.

This is where organisation documents are stored.

You may not be able to see all the folders your co-workers do. If you need access to anything just run it by your manager and they'll email tech support.

Private Drive

You also have a private drive which you can store any documents not related to the organisation, but which you need to keep as backups.

Remote access to Shared and Private Drives

If you have a laptop and you're out of the office, you also have access to another drive, often called Z drive.

This links directly to the internet (the cloud) and contains both Shared and Private drives.


Your computer is not backed up automatically. So if there's anything you want to make sure is kept, store it in your Private Drive.


Your email address has been set up and is accessible through Microsoft Outlook.

If you think you should be on a distribution list, email

Other applications

A number of other applications are installed on your computer, which help you and us do our jobs better.

You'll find these on Windows by clicking the Windows button at the bottom left.

On a mac, these are found in the Finder and Applications folder.

The most important application for Tech Support is TeamViewer. This gives us access to your computer remotely and helps us fix things and see what's going wrong for you.

When you open Team Viewer, we'll ask you for your ID and your password, which you'll find on the right of the window under Allow Remote Control.

Any problems?

Just email and we'll do our best to help.

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