Egnyte folder naming

Folder naming changes have caused problems in the past, so be aware of these limitations:

  • Renaming on the local server (\elc\Shared) can take time to sync to the offsite server and vice versa
  • Sometimes a rename does not appear to take place. Do not try renaming again as this is likely to create duplicate folders

The best thing to do with this is:

  • Pick a quiet time when the process can take place, Friday night, Saturday morning, etc. This ensures no-one will be affected by the changes.
  • Take a backup of the original folders and put in a safe place
  • Begin renaming on the actual server, via tech machine (not via Share drive in networked computer), taking time to wait for the change to take place.
  • Check changes are pushed up to remote site as they happen. You may need to log into local Storage Sync to force a synchronisation. 

Additional things to note

Folder and file naming conventions

These apply as per article on File Names.

Capital letters versus lower case

Windows makes no distinction between UC and LC, which means problems can occur with folder names. Egnyte support gave a solution whereby we:

  • Copy folders out of local directory
  • Force synch
  • Rename the directory
  • Force synch
  • Copy folders back into local directory
  • Force synch

This should finish with the folder names being identical and the contents synchronising properly again.

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