Mitigating Spectre and Meltdown


Windows 7 PC

Windows 10 PC

Apple Mac OS

Windows Server

Pre-installation steps

Ensure Antivirus is up to date

See this list for updated antivirus programs

IWDA and Wateraid use:

  • Windows Defender - ensure updated through Windows Defender user interface
  • MalwareBytes - ensure updated through MalwareBytes update

Other Antivirus apps may need a manual modification to the registry, outlined here:

Download OS patches to central server

Rather than having each machine download their own copy of the patches, we download them to a central server so they can be distributed from there.

Note: Server folder needs to be one that is synchronized to remote locations

Download Dell patches to central server

Dell has specific firmware patches to download for each of the laptop and desktop computers. Laptops are mainly in generation E727X

Note: Server folder needs to be one synchronized to remote locations

Ensure computer is backed up

Tell users to back up anything they really need to their Private Drives. Probably send at least one reminder during the day.

Install firmware updates

This step applies only to Dell computers.

Recommend this is performed out of hours

Install OS updates

  • Login to each machine
  • Browse to the update folder
  • Run update


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